Soldier to Civilian

Fast forward to 2015. This year is significant because I was given two choices by my Army career advisor. The first choice was to continue my service to the United States Army or part ways with the army. It was at this time, I hit my 6th year mark of military service. During this time a person of a certain rank can serve for so many years before he or she becomes ineligible to continue serving. Since I was an E4, the maximum number of years I can serve was 8 years at the time. In this article, I won’t get into detail as to why I couldn’t get promoted, I will discuss this later. I was conflicted at this time. I didn’t feel appreciated, but I enjoyed doing what I did and wanted to be further challenged and thus, continue to serve in the military. One night while in Poland, I requested a meeting with my platoon sergeant, which is two supervisors above me. At the conclusion of that meeting, I without any doubts in my mind decided that it was best to pursue other things into the civilian world.

 June 1st 2016 was the day I was discharged from active duty, or fulltime from the United States Army. I returned to my hometown San Jose, California from Germany. During this time, I had to re learn and calculate how much I needed to survive on an hourly wage. 2 weeks past my discharge date, I had my first job scrubbing toilets and cleaning motel rooms making $13 hourly. My thinking at the time was that I will take on any job and I am not above mopping floors if that what I had to do to find a better paying job. It was this year that I learned more in depth about investing. I was maxing out my Roth IRA accounts and started investing in a new asset class, cryptocurrency. This was also the period that I need to learn how to make my money work as hard as I did. There is a major difference between working smart and working hard.

No matter what or where life takes you, if you’re consistent with the things you do, you will see great results. If you’re one of those service members currently serving but unsure of you should reenlist, you must ask yourself some basic questions. Am I happy and do I have a passion to continue this line of work? How much money do I have saved? How much liability and obligations do I have to pay per month? The problem I endured during my time in the military prior to my conversations with my superiors, was I had a scarcity mindset. I was led to believe that there were no opportunities outside of the military when in fact there was and is.

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**DISCLAIMER** I am not a financial advisor nor a certified financial planner. I recommend products based on my experience. You may even lose some or all your money by investing. I cannot be responsible for your success or failures. By using my affiliate link, I may collect a commission.

Mark with a Polish Soldier

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